President Trump was clear when he gave me his endorsement: We have to win. Georgia’s future is at stake.

From the state to the federal level, weak Republican leadership has caused conservatives to lose ground in every arena. Woke cancel culture in our workplaces. Divisive CRT in our children’s schools. Men competing in women’s sports. The list goes on.

I’m Patrick Witt, and I’m running to be Georgia’s next Insurance Commissioner because the battlefield is expanding in the fight for our country’s future. Americans are struggling to make ends meet in the era of Bidenflation, and corrupt organizations like the World Health Organizations are pushing for woke insurance mandates.

The result? Increased costs and flagrant violations of our First Amendment rights. Insurance companies should never be mandated to cover – and Georgians forced to pay for – procedures like gender reassignment procedures for children or abortions.

We need conservative fighters with the knowhow and the guts to rise up and lead. It’s time to go on offense and take our state – and our country – back.

As a senior official in the Trump administration, I fought for the America First agenda and successfully negotiated insurance premiums on behalf of 2.2 million federal workers and their families – 9 million Americans in total.

As Insurance Commissioner, I will continue to fight for you with everything I’ve got. I will always put your family’s concerns first. And I will never cave to the Democrats or their accomplices in the fake news media or Big Tech.

I will listen to and act on your concerns, and I will be a leader who gets results for you. The stakes are too high for us to stay on the sidelines in 2022.

Let’s Put Georgia First. Vote Patrick Witt for Insurance Commissioner.