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US Congress - Georgia District 10

Let's putAmerica First

Having served as a senior official in President Trump's administration and on the President's post-election legal team, Patrick is running for Congress to continue the fight against the Radical Left that's working to tear down our great American way of life. In Congress, Patrick will fight back against anti-American "woke" ideology like CRT and Cancel Culture. He will break up the unholy alliance between Big Tech, the Fake News Media, and the Domestic Surveillance State, which censors our free speech and spies on us. And he will defend and preserve the integrity of our sacred right to vote.

A Letter from Patrick

America is the greatest country in the history of the world. We are so blessed to call her home. But America's future has never been guaranteed. Every generation, it requires a new group of patriots to step up and defend her.

Now more than ever, America's fate hangs in the balance

Hate-America Liberal Elites seek to tear our country apart from within and entrench themselves in power permanently. Woke Cancel Culture in American boardrooms. Divisive Critical Race Theory in our children's schools. Men competing in women's sports. Defund the Police making our neighborhoods less safe. Big Tech censorship. A porous Southern border. A dystopian Surveillance State that spies on its own citizens and jails political dissidents. A corrupt Fake News Media who refuses to investigate credible allegations of election fraud. And a bunch of weak, Do-Nothing Republicans who are content to swirl their wine and manage America's decline.

Enough is enough! We need patriots who have the guts and the knowhow to rise up and lead. It's time to go on offense and take our country back.

I'm Patrick Witt, and I'm the America First candidate running to be your next Congressman.

As a senior official in the Trump Administration and a key member of the President’s post-election legal team in Georgia, my job was simple: fight for America First, combat the Hate-America Liberal Elites entrenched in the D.C. Swamp, and stop the Democrat takeover of our elections. In Congress, I will continue to fight for you with everything I've got. I will always put your family's concerns first. And I will never cave to the Democrats or the Fake News Media.

I will fight the spread of anti-American "wokeness" and Cancel Culture. Ban Critical Race Theory. Break up the Big Tech and Mainstream Media censorship cartel. Dismantle the Domestic Surveillance State. Restore election integrity. Defend the American worker against the globalists who sell our jobs to China. Finish building the wall. Fire the generals who seek to politicize our military. Protect the unborn. And defend our gun rights against an increasingly tyrannical government.

I will listen to and act on your concerns, and I will be a leader in the House of Representatives who is able to effect real change for you. The stakes are too high for us to stay on the sidelines in 2022.

Let's Take Back America. Vote Patrick Witt for Congress.

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